Spanish Real Estate Law

keys 15203 1920All legal matters involving buying managing and selling of real estate in Spain. This includes i.e. negotiation of contracts, due diligence, quality assurance, financing, drafting and execution of title deed and registration. Our law firm represents private clients as well as companies, contractors, municipalities and project developers. We advice on the most tax-effective legal structure and incorporate legal entities in Spain and abroad, both on- and offshore.


Inheritance and succession planning

signed away 2 1549841 1918x1221Spain is still levying inheritance- and gift- duty. These duties are applicable irrespective of the testator/grantor being tax resident in Spain or not. As a main rule, the duties will apply for assets that is located in Spain. If the inheritance is limited to € 1750 000 per inheritor there is no inheritance tax.

As the inheritance tax can be strenuous to pay for the inheritors, it is of vital importance to evaluate different structures of Ownership prior to the acquisition of any asset in Spain. Our firm has extensive experience in this field.

Spanish Tax Law

coins 948603 1920We assist our clients in finding optimal solutions from a Norwegian as well a Spanish legal point of view.

Our services comprise:
- General company and personal taxation.
- Constitution of Spanish tax numbers for company and private persons.
- Fiscal representative in Spain, preparation of tax return as well as accountancy.
- Tax advice for residents and non-residents related to purchase and sale of companies, purchasing and sale of real estate etc.
- Questions regarding immigration to Spain.
- Financing & Mortgages.

Company and business law

We advice clients of alternative legal entities under Spanish and Norwegian law, draft shareholders agreements and Articles of Association.

We take care of the incorporation of the suitable legal entity from A to Z. If required, our firm can serve as Directors of companies and/or carry out their legal management.

Maritime law

freighter 315201 1280We assist our client in purchase/sale – salvage – charter party – repairs - cargo claims and general marine law.